[video] Targeted Attacks: How Your Friends And Family Access Your Phone

‘Targeted Attacks’
In this video, I walk us through ’targeted attacks’, and gives us some simple and practical tips on how to protect ourselves from them.

Topics addressed in this video include:

  • High risk profiles targeted by hackers (different techniques e.g. exploits, zero days, numerical weapons) vs
  • Low risk profiles targeted by the people around you (friends and family) through social engineering attacks
  • Spy app: an unexpected example is a parental control app

Main tips mentioned to protect yourself include:

  • Update your phone
  • Apple better than Android. And if you go for Android, use a Google phone
  • Don’t install any weird app, limit the number of apps you install on your phone
  • Don’t have a smartphone
  • Use a VPN all the time
  • You can have two identities, two phone numbers
  • Put a passphrase
  • Use automatic lock in on your phone
  • Enable biometric access (fingerprint/faceID). Use Face ID only on Apple
  • Don’t lend your phone to anybody

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